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A Happier Smile Starts with Tooth Extractions

When you have severe tooth pain that just won’t go away you want that tooth removed yesterday. Tooth pain can make necessary activities like eating, drinking, and sleeping nearly impossible. You may even find it hard to concentrate on anything else but your discomfort. We completely understand. Alleviating your pain is our top priority, but in doing so, we always make every effort to save a problem tooth. If the decay or damage is at an advanced level, we may have no other choice but to extract a rotten tooth or broken tooth. When this happens, count on the expertise and compassion of Dr. Jack O’Neill. He’ll make sure your tooth extractions are performed with minimal discomfort. Dr. O’Neill is licensed in IV sedation and also provides other sedation options including oral anesthetic, nitrous oxide, and local anesthetic all right here in our Shreveport, LA office.

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Reasons for Tooth Extractions

  • Extreme decay
  • Infection or disease
  • Damage from oral trauma
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  • Stubborn baby teeth
  • Preparation for dental implants
  • What is tooth extraction?
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Next Steps to Smile Restoration

After tooth extractions, the pain may be gone, but it’s important to restore your mouth to its full working condition. Missing teeth don’t just spoil your smile and make you slur your words—those gaps can lead the underlying jawbone to deteriorate. In some cases, if the tooth is not replaced, the bone in the socket left behind can break down and change your appearance. We can rebuild this area with a bone grafting procedure called a ridge augmentation. Undoubtedly the most lifelike and long-lasting tooth replacement option available today, dental implants can maintain healthy jawbone structure and growth, seamlessly fill in those unattractive gaps and return your mouth’s esthetics and function. You may even experience a confidence boost from being able to smile without any gaps or damaged teeth. Dr. O’Neill can typically perform tooth extractions during the same appointment as dental implant placement, saving you time and extra visits.

Put an end to your tooth pain!