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Dental Implants FAQ

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A highly credentialed periodontist, Dr. Jack O’Neill specializes in dental implant placement and related procedures, as well as gum health. He’s the one to depend on to restore your smile to its full function and beauty. If you’re considering getting dental implants or are just interested in learning more about them, this page provides a good overview for you. For answers to more specific or detailed questions, schedule a free consultation with Dr. O’Neill here in our Shreveport, LA office. We look forward to serving your dental needs!

Dental Implant FAQs

Implants are the highest quality replacements for missing or severely decayed teeth available today. Single implants consist of three components: 1) a screw-like, biocompatible titanium post that replaces your tooth root in your jaw, 2) a durable, natural-looking crown that fulfills the above-the-gums function of the tooth, and 3) an abutment that connects the crown to the post.

Periodontists such as Dr. O’Neill complete years of additional training beyond dental school, including specialized training with dental implants.

Using bone grafting, Dr. O’Neill is sometimes able to place implants for patients with limited bone mass who’ve been turned away from other practices.

We offer a variety of dental implant solutions and work closely with you and your general practitioner to determine the best option. All of them offer quick and impressive results! For full arch solutions, we insert several titanium posts into your jawbone to support each full arch dental bridge. With single implants, we insert one post per tooth that we’re replacing. In most cases, we also fit you with temporary crowns during the same appointment, enabling you to start eating and speaking comfortably again almost immediately. As the insertion sites heal, the posts become permanently fused to your jaw. After the implant sites have healed, you’ll visit your general practitioner to receive your final crowns.

For any procedure, Dr. O’Neill offers IV sedation, oral anesthetic, nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”), local anesthetic or a combination of these methods. He’s licensed to deliver IV sedation, but usually brings in a CRNA to administer it so that he can concentrate on implant placement.

There are several factors that determine your specific dental implant cost, including the number of implants you require and any related procedures that you may need. We encourage you to schedule a free consultation in our Shreveport, LA office so we can determine your treatment cost together.

Dr. O’Neill can generally place reliable posts and temporary crowns during the same appointment.

Give your dental implants the same care as natural teeth, i.e., brushing, flossing, regular exams, and professional cleanings.

Made from durable titanium, dental implants can last a lifetime with proper care.

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