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Minimally Invasive Gum Disease Treatment

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No Scalpel Needed

If you have swollen gums, bleeding when you brush your teeth, pockets between your teeth and gums, or bad breath you can’t seem to get rid of, gum disease may be the reason. While these symptoms are unpleasant enough, they indicate just the earliest stage of the disease. At its more advanced stage—periodontitis—you can experience receding gums, loose teeth, and tooth and bone loss. There’s even a chance that the bacteria behind gum disease will travel through your body to your major organs, increasing your risk for heart disease, pulmonary disease, stroke, diabetes, and pregnancy complications.

The good news is that Dr. Jack O’Neill can help you avoid all of these problems with a gum disease treatment that’s making traditional invasive methods obsolete. LANAP, or Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure, is a laser protocol that enables him to remove unhealthy tissue and eradicate bacteria without a scalpel. It’s also the only such protocol cleared by the FDA to regrow bone through True Periodontal Regeneration. As a board-certified periodontist, Dr. O’Neill is a recognized authority in gum health, and has undergone years of specialized training that general practitioners don’t have. He has the qualifications, credentials, and technology to deliver the results you need.

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Why Choose LANAP?

  • Reduces your number of treatment appointments
  • Minimizes pain
  • Decreases bleeding
  • Eliminates scalpels, stitches, and sutures
  • Makes treatment more precise
  • Allows for a quicker recovery
  • Soothes dental anxiety

The Best Tool for the Job

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  • LANAP Protocol - laser gum disease treatment

By bringing PerioLase® MVP-7™ laser technology and expertise into our practice, Dr. O’Neill has transformed gum disease treatment for Shreveport, LA patients. With it, he’s able to conduct smoother procedures with more predictable results. He’s one of a select group of providers who have completed the required special training to operate this laser equipment, which was designed by actual working clinicians. LANAP minimizes pain, eliminates the need for a scalpel and sutures during treatment, and offers an alternative to osseous surgery. While every patient can benefit from these advantages, they are especially advantageous for those who suffer from dental anxiety. The laser not only acts in place of a scalpel, it also instantly vaporizes bacteria while leaving adjacent healthy tissue intact. If you have gum disease, Dr. O’Neill will be happy to discuss LANAP and all your treatment options during a personalized consultation. Schedule yours today!

Regain your gum health without going "under the knife."