Same-Day Dental Implants - Shreveport, LA

Your Smile Remade in One Day

Greater Confidence, Greater Convenience

Considering all of their benefits, dental implants are remarkably simple. They’re made of just three parts. When combined, these three parts can profoundly change your life. No more feeling so embarrassed about the condition of your teeth that you rarely smile. You can enjoy a wide variety of foods again without discomfort. You no longer slur your words. And your confidence is sky-high. Same-day dental implants add the advantage of convenience on top of these. You can walk into our Shreveport, LA office with missing or decayed teeth and walk out the same day with fully functional replacement teeth. No gaps or flaws in your smile! Dr. Jack O’Neill is a board-certified periodontist who specializes in placing dental implants. In fact, he had several years of additional training beyond what a general dentist gets at dental school and continues to build his knowledge today through ongoing training. Look to him to deliver the results you want and deserve.

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Immediate Implants,
Immediate Results

Dr. O’Neill will determine if you’re a candidate for same-day dental implants during a free consultation here in our office. He uses implants from all of the major manufacturers, which enables him to provide a solution customized to you. On the day of the procedure, Dr. O’Neill will begin by making you calm and comfortable with one of our sedation options. He’ll then remove any damaged or decayed teeth that need to be extracted to make room for your implant posts. If you’re getting individual implants you’ll need one post for each tooth replaced. If you need full arch dental implants, he can place as few as four posts per arch, saving you time in the chair. Made of durable titanium, the posts are surgically inserted into your jaw and will become permanent after the insertion sites heal. To finish the procedure, he’ll fit you with temporary crowns that will function just like real teeth until you have your final crowns placed by your dentist or a prosthodontist. Your temporary crowns will enable you to enjoy eating, smiling, and speaking and will give you a confidence boost almost immediately!

Advantages of Same-Day Dental Implants

  • New teeth in one day
  • Single appointment for treatment
  • A restored smile
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  • Greater confidence
  • An end to difficulties eating and speaking

The Proof Is In Our Patients

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See the difference a day makes in your life!