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Gum recession isn’t always something you’ll notice right away. It’s a slow-moving condition. You may see a yellowish color at your gum line. Your teeth may begin to be more temperature sensitive. The gum line appears uneven. Before you know it, the esthetics and functioning of your teeth have been compromised. Your gums act as a supporting barrier for your teeth, protecting the sensitive roots from damage and helping keep them in place. When they begin to recede toward the base of the teeth your gums no longer provide that protection. Your teeth can start to shift, loosen, and even fall out as a result. Dr. Jack O’Neill won’t let that happen to you. A board-certified periodontist, he’s specially trained and qualified to treat issues related to the supporting structures of your teeth. Or, put simply, your gums. Dr. O’Neill can restore your diminished gums with replacement tissue here in our Shreveport, LA office, your home for comprehensive periodontal care.

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Symptoms of Receding Gums

  • Yellowish appearance of teeth near gum line
  • Teeth roots showing
  • Teeth that look too long
  • Gaps between the teeth and gums
  • Unusually sensitive teeth
  • Loose or unstable teeth
  • Gum disease
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  • Why Do Gums Recede?

Gum Grafting Restores
Your Smile

No matter what caused your gum recession—gum disease, aggressive brushing, heredity, hormonal changes—the gum grafting procedure can produce impressive results. It already has for countless patients of Dr. O’Neill. Here’s how it works: After numbing the treatment areas, we remove a piece of healthy tissue from another area of your mouth or from a donor—whatever the best available source is at the time. Each of these options possesses the texture, appearance, and durability of your original gum tissue. This tissue is then placed and sutured into the areas where your gums have receded. We can then use advanced healing protocols such as plasma-rich growth factors (PRGF) to speed up your recovery process. The tissue graft will eventually heal and become a natural, seamless part of your gum line, producing a beautiful smile that perfectly balances teeth and gums.

Don’t let your gums disappear!