Advanced Healing - Shreveport, LA

Jump-Start Post-Surgery Recovery

Your Blood Holds the Key to Faster Healing

A dental procedure may take just minutes, but the subsequent healing can take months. In many cases, the recovery from a procedure causes more discomfort than the procedure itself, and sometimes complications can develop. Now, technology and biology have merged to shorten the duration of your recovery and reduce your likelihood of experiencing complications after a procedure—and the solution is completely natural. Derived from your own blood, plasma-rich growth factors (PRGF) can completely transform the way you heal after surgery. Pain and swelling can subside more quickly, allowing you to return to all the normal activities of everyday life sooner. Most practices don’t offer this advanced healing protocol. Dr. Jack O’Neill is committed to helping you spend less time recuperating and more time enjoying what’s important to you. PRGF is just one treatment that enables him to do that here in our Shreveport, LA office.

The Advantages of Advanced Healing Protocols

  • Reduce swelling during and after surgery
  • Minimize your post-surgery pain
  • Heal grafts and dental implant sites more quickly
  • Decrease your chances of developing complications
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What Are PRGF?

Growth factors occur naturally in human bodies and “direct” our stem cells to reproduce healthy bone or soft tissue. PRGF are a by-product of your blood. Dr. O’Neill and our team can harness those natural healing properties to help you recover after surgery. We begin by withdrawing a small sample of blood from you, which we then place into a centrifuge. The sample is spun at a rapid rate for a specific amount of time, causing the different layers of your blood to separate and allowing us to isolate the growth factors that accelerate healing. During bone grafting, gum grafting, dental implant placement, and other procedures, we introduce a concentrated form of the growth factors into the surgical site. There’s no chance of disease transmission since the source is your own blood. The site eventually develops a protective layer—similar to the way a scab forms over a cut—promoting healing of bone and soft tissues. During the same time, your stem cells produce new tissue to replace any that was lost.

Get back to enjoying life faster after surgery!