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Bone Grafting - Shreveport, LA

Regain Your Facial Foundation

Bone Grafting Returns What You’ve Lost

Missing teeth have greater implications beyond eating and speaking difficulties, awkwardness in social situations, or an unnaturally aged appearance. Embedded in your jaw, teeth actually keep the bone beneath them healthy through the regular stimulation from biting and chewing pressures. Without teeth to keep them strong, your jawbone can begin to deteriorate, further compromising the functioning and beauty of your mouth. Even one missing tooth can cause this domino effect to begin. The end result is you have both a missing tooth and missing bone to deal with. Without the bone, your jaw can’t support dental implants to replace that missing tooth. We have a solution for this Catch-22! An innovative procedure enables Dr. Jack O’Neill to restore your bone to its former strength and appearance using bone material that grows together with the existing bone. He can return the jawbone you’ve lost and make you a candidate for dental implants here in our Shreveport, LA office, your home for comprehensive implant care.

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Benefits of Bone Grafting

  • Prevent healthy teeth from shifting or falling out
  • Eat, speak, and smile with comfort and confidence
  • Regain your natural jawline
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  • Reclaim a balanced facial appearance
  • Enjoy a more youthful look at any age
  • Prepare for dental implant placement

Rebuilding Your Jaw After Bone Loss

  • Plasma-rich growth factor

Simply put, bone grafting means taking a small portion of bone from a donor source or artificial bone material and placing it in the area of deteriorated bone. Over time, the graft will naturally fuse with the surrounding bone to reconstitute your jawbone mass as a permanent part of your body. If you have bone loss in your upper jaw, your sinus can sink into the gap. To rectify this, Dr. O’Neill can perform a sinus lift, which entails raising your sinus cavity and placing bone graft material underneath to reinforce it. The bone mass will be restored as the area heals. If your bone loss has diminished the natural contour of your gums and jaw—an essential part of your distinct facial appearance—we can restore it with ridge augmentation. We accomplish this by introducing bone graft material into tooth sockets. To accelerate your recovery and minimize post-surgical complications, we use plasma-rich growth factors—an advanced healing protocol derived from your own blood—during these procedures. That way, you can get back to looking and feeling like yourself faster!

Don’t let bone loss ruin your smile!