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Crown Lengthening - Shreveport, LA

No More Gummy Smiles!

Crown Lengthening Creates Balance

What makes up a great smile? Bright, healthy teeth are one element. That means no gaps, no chips or cracks, and no discoloration. But teeth are only a part of your smile. Your gums are equally important. They can be discolored and uneven, just like teeth. Often there’s nothing actually wrong with the gums from a health standpoint, yet you can still be unhappy with their appearance. This can be due to an imbalance between the teeth and the surrounding gums. More specifically, an excess of gum tissue. If you feel your gums dominate your smile, you may have what’s sometimes called a “gummy” smile. A board-certified periodontist with years of specialty training in gum health, Dr. Jack O’Neill is exceptionally qualified to improve your tooth-to-gum ratio. He can eliminate your gummy smile by removing and reshaping small portions of your gums and rebalancing your look.

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How Crown Lengthening Works

A highly effective cosmetic dentistry procedure, crown lengthening will essentially make your teeth appear longer—even though they will remain the same size—and your gums look shorter. To achieve this appearance, Dr. O’Neill meticulously removes a small portion of gum tissue from the base of your teeth. During this procedure he puts great effort into retaining as much of the natural shape of your gums as possible, making sure they curve around your teeth uniformly and seamlessly. Crown lengthening is sometimes referred to as soft tissue recontouring, which perfectly illustrates the attention that is given to properly shaping your gums for optimal esthetics. Dr. O’Neill can generally complete this treatment in a single visit to our Shreveport, LA office!

Why Get Your Gums Shortened?

  • A more balanced smile
  • Increased confidence
  • Less social awkwardness
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  • Reduced risk of tooth decay and disease
  • Better tooth access for cleaning and other treatments

Life with Newly Reshaped Gums

Reshaped Gums

One of the most exciting aspects of crown lengthening is that it provides you with immediate visible results. After the procedure, you’ll see a more balanced tooth-to-gum ratio and will walk away with a smile you’ll never feel awkward about sharing. We’re certain you’ll be satisfied! This procedure also has added dental health benefits. After shortening your gums, we will have better access to the surface of your teeth, making it easier for us to remove harmful bacteria and tartar during future cleanings. This will also make it easier for you to undergo any orthodontic work, should you ever need it.

Unhappy with your gummy smile? We can fix it!