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Dental Implant Cost - Shreveport, LA

A Lifetime Investment in Dental Health

Dental Implants Provide Immeasurable Value

Dental implants represent much more than new teeth; they’re the beginning of a new phase in your life marked by carefree laughter and smiles, effortless speech, and virtually unlimited food choices. Your self-confidence can soar to new heights. Built on a foundation of sturdy titanium—one of the strongest metals on earth—dental implants are designed to provide you with a lifetime of reliable performance. Taking all these life-changing benefits into consideration, it can be challenging to calculate the full value of implants. However, the information presented here will help you understand how we determine the overall cost for your new teeth.

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Factors That Affect the Cost

The actual dollar amount you’ll pay for your dental implants depends on several factors. You may need a single dental implant or two full arches of them. The number of implants affects the cost, as more implants means more materials are needed. To get your mouth into the proper condition for dental implant placement, you may need some related procedures done. These will also figure into your final cost. If you have decayed teeth that are going to be replaced with implants, we must first perform tooth extractions to make space. If you’ve experienced decay in your jawbone, we will need to rebuild it with bone grafting so that it can support implants.

Get Started
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Schedule an appointment to come to our Shreveport, LA office and have a personalized consultation with Dr. Jack O’Neill, a board-certified periodontist with extensive training and experience in placing dental implants. During your consultation, he’ll do an assessment of your current dental health through an oral examination and a review of your dental records. He’ll also explain all the factors that will go into your treatment plan and will ultimately comprise your dental implant cost. If implants are the right course of treatment for you, we’ll then schedule placement and any related procedures that are required!

Why Dental Implants
Are Worth the Investment

  • Enjoy permanent, natural-looking replacement teeth
  • Eat all your favorite foods without difficulty
  • Smile again with complete confidence
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  • Speak without embarrassment
  • Regain your distinctive facial appearance

An investment in a new life starts with a free consultation!